[SASAG] Managing Sysco Config Files?

Donald Plummer donald at netriver.net
Mon Jul 2 13:29:52 PDT 2007

While I don't manage many Cisco networking devices, the dozen or so in
our company are backed-up and managed manually. We keep a list in
sharepoint with network device info (IPs, model, etc) and have the
configs saved as text file attachments to each device. It's a manual
process that every time we (myself and our other network admin) update a
config we:
1. use "term len 0" to remove the terminal length
2. "sh run"
3. copy the config to a text file and save it to sharepoint
4. "term len 20" to set the length back to default


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Can somebody recommend tools or techniques for managing Sysco switch

More specifically, I need an easier way to backup and restore the
configs. Double bonus if you know of a way to restore the config and
automatically restart if it is different than the running config.

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