[SASAG] Anyone know a local or close to local Software Security Domain Expert?

Leeland leeland06 at greydragon.com
Mon Jul 9 07:44:22 PDT 2007

My company is trying to wrestle with the software security issues.
Like most places they left security mostly to the end and are paying
for it now. I am working on their Security Consortium group that has
been formed to start pushing back into all areas (design, testing,
development, and deployment) to improve security. Problem is most of
the people here do not know the security lingo, best practices, etc.

So I am looking for a few real world software security domain experts
(with solid credentials). What I need right now is someone who can
give a few short courses (that hopefully will not put people to sleep)
that will introduce the big picture, and most importantly the
established security terminology. In other words something like
"Introduction to Software Security for Dummies".

I am looking at SANS courses and Usenix too. But, we want to get ALL
of the people in Qpass involved. So that means a few on site brown


Thanks in advance!

+ Leeland

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