[SASAG] Favorite Firefox extensions

Scott McDermott scottm at octaldream.com
Wed Jul 18 11:14:00 PDT 2007

Adblock Plus: Makes the Internet not suck again.

I used to use Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer, but I've recently switched
to the Google Browser Sync. It does more than just bookmarks. Very cool.
(If you don't mind Google holding all your data, even though it's

The Google Notebook is kind of nifty, too.

IE Tab: Great for the small number of sites that require a bit of
ActiveX. :(

Tab Mix Plus: This is a kitchen sink add-on. Gives some nifty tab
enhancements, but what I like most is it's enhanced session management
tools. You can close firefox (say, for a rare reboot), then when you
come back up you can reopen your previous session and be right back
where you were.

Web Developer: Fantastic for debugging web related issues.

PrefBar: Gives you a customizable toolbar. Any settings in firefox can
be made through a customized button/dropdown/checkbox, etc. One I use a
lot is a dropdown with a variety of different proxy servers we have at
work that allows me to easy switch between them for testing.

Scott McDermott

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(You may laugh if you want.) I haven't used Firefox extensively in
years. I have heard various people talking about this or that
extension that makes Firefox "orders of magnitudes better then X

Oddly enough I am moving to a far heavier Linux environment and so am
drinking from the fire hose on Redhat Enterprise now. Since this is to
be a primary work environment now I want something that will share
between my laptop (XP Pro) and my Dev box.

So what are your killer Firefox extensions? Why do you like them? Are
they the best of the pack (i.e. is there another similar extension
that you tried and didn't like that does about the same)?

+ Leeland
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