[SASAG] Favorite Firefox extensions

Lamont Granquist lamont at scriptkiddie.org
Wed Jul 18 11:24:10 PDT 2007

I've been using this User Agent Switcher to fake out sites that require 


I've also been using (FreeBSD ports):


Since I want to be able to use flash for a few things on the web, but 
often the linux flash plugin either renders incorrectly or freezes up 
firefox on freebsd -- this replaces all the flash on a page with 
click-to-view buttons instead of automagically loading all the flash apps 
when the page loads.

On Wed, 18 Jul 2007, Scott McDermott wrote:
> Adblock Plus: Makes the Internet not suck again.
> I used to use Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer, but I've recently switched
> to the Google Browser Sync. It does more than just bookmarks. Very cool.
> (If you don't mind Google holding all your data, even though it's
> encrypted).
> The Google Notebook is kind of nifty, too.
> IE Tab: Great for the small number of sites that require a bit of
> ActiveX. :(
> Tab Mix Plus: This is a kitchen sink add-on. Gives some nifty tab
> enhancements, but what I like most is it's enhanced session management
> tools. You can close firefox (say, for a rare reboot), then when you
> come back up you can reopen your previous session and be right back
> where you were.
> Web Developer: Fantastic for debugging web related issues.
> PrefBar: Gives you a customizable toolbar. Any settings in firefox can
> be made through a customized button/dropdown/checkbox, etc. One I use a
> lot is a dropdown with a variety of different proxy servers we have at
> work that allows me to easy switch between them for testing.
> --
> Scott McDermott
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> (You may laugh if you want.) I haven't used Firefox extensively in
> years. I have heard various people talking about this or that
> extension that makes Firefox "orders of magnitudes better then X
> browser)."
> Oddly enough I am moving to a far heavier Linux environment and so am
> drinking from the fire hose on Redhat Enterprise now. Since this is to
> be a primary work environment now I want something that will share
> between my laptop (XP Pro) and my Dev box.
> So what are your killer Firefox extensions? Why do you like them? Are
> they the best of the pack (i.e. is there another similar extension
> that you tried and didn't like that does about the same)?
> + Leeland
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