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shades2 at iinet.net.au shades2 at iinet.net.au
Fri Jul 20 19:28:09 PDT 2007

JimBro wrote:
> I currently have an Exchange 2003 installation and will be migrating
> to 2007 soon.
> Is there a recommended, totally bitchin, spam solution that everyone
> really likes?
> Offlist is fine and I will compile the results.
> Thanx
> Jim Broglio
> Operations Manager
> Coroware Inc.
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First step is to enable the Intelligent Message Filtering (IMF) under 
Exchange 2003. It is quite a
capable UCE stopper and will block the vast majority of UCE when setup 
correctly. You will need
to do some registry hacks to get it to update automatically etc. This is 
all well documented here, and
in other places referenced by Google:



Used in conjunction with something like Trend Antivirus for Exchange, 
you will also block most worms/viruses and more
complex spam attacks like attachments, which I have found to be a major 
issue in many organisations, exaccerbated by users
having desktops and laptops rather than things like thin-clients.

If you need even greater spam protection, then you need to make your 
mailserver a Postfix box, with something
like SpamAssassin as some others have mentioned, which then forwards 
mail onto Exchange.

I believe it is best to control this yourself rather than outsource it. 
A real Sysadmin knows how to run DNS and mail server,
and will retain that skillset and responsibility, rather than try to get 
Company X on teh Interweb to look after it all for them. Just my opinion.


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