[SASAG] REMINDER+ DIRECTIONS - GSLUG Org Meeting Saturday, July 28th

Ken Meyer kmeyer at blarg.net
Sat Jul 28 07:44:20 PDT 2007

This is just a follow-up with some directions to the library and then the
room.  Sorry it's late.  Blarg/Avvanta was down for 12 hours on Friday.
Hope you will see this in a timely manner.  HTML format is to accommodate
the map of the library.

Ken Meyer


* When: Saturday, July 28th 2007 from 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

* Where: University of Washington Campus in Seattle
               Suzzallo library, Room 328

More details at:


Some directions for the unfamiliar:

* The target:

15th Ave NE runs down the west side of the UW from NE 45th Street virtually
all the way to the Montlake Cut

I-5 exits are at NE 45th and NE 50th Streets; head east to 15th

Otherwise, I assume that you know where the UW is, or you have a map.

The Suzzallo Library main entrance faces west at the far (east) end of Red
Square; it is the most imposing gothic building.

The west entrance to Red Square is opposite the "T" ending of Campus
Parkway, the very wide street with a plaza in the middle.  It would be NE
40th Street if there were one.

Head east to the library

* Parking:

Ah, yes, parking.

The maw of an underground garage is on the east side of 15th, at the "T'
ending of NE 40th Street

Parking is $5 on Saturday (well, it's $11 during the week!)

Inside the garage, turn left and go through the catacombs all the way to the
east end.

On the right side (south) wall, you will see stairs to the Suzzallo Library.

Remember what level you parked on.  The layout is confusing, at it always
has been to me.

Stairs emerge at the right side of the front of the library.


Parking on the street (everywhere within range, I believe) is via those
wretched window stickers .

$3 for 2 hours; bring change or a credit card.

Good luck!

Lots of buses prowl the area, blocking traffic:


* In the library:

A map of the 3rd floor with Room 328 identified is at the end of this; hope
your service handles HTML messages and graphics
Through the entryway

Climb the right side segment of the Grand Staircase (shaped like a

At the top, keep right straight ahead (east) along the wall to the big open
double doors that lead to an alcove and hallway

Inside the hallway, turn right and look for 328.

Hope you can make it.

Ken Meyer

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