[SASAG] Looking for a Lead Software Engineer with SA background

Leeland leeland06 at greydragon.com
Thu Aug 9 11:00:26 PDT 2007


Normally I don't do this. But getting a little desperate. The new team I am
helping to create at Qpass is having a real issue finding 2 more developers.
The team is creating an installation process for Qpass products using test
first design, Scrum and Agile processes on the existing (and also creating
plans for a next generation install tools set) which are based mostly in
bash, perl, linux and THEN java. The products are all Java and all clustered
applications (on the orders of terabyte databases and 50 node weblogic
cluster services).

One of these is a Lead Position which means that there is a 10-20% time
slice for taking care of the team's HR needs.

Required known skill areas: bash scripting, perl scripting, Java (POJOs),
linux systems admin
Preferred known skill areas: test first design, J2EE, weblogic/jboss, Maven,

The Lead position also requires some background managing people's needs with
HR types.

If you know of anyone that has very strong coding with a good background in
systems admin that is open to new work opportunities please give them my
contact information.
These are full time, non-contract, long term jobs. Start time is basically

Really need higher end people. We could do a little grow into it (after all
the ramp up time is in the 3 to 6 month range).

Thanks in advance!

+ Leeland
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