[SASAG] FW: Reminder: GSLUG This Saturday, 12:00PM September 1st at NSCC

Ken Meyer kmeyer at blarg.net
Thu Aug 30 15:14:38 PDT 2007

Linux adherents:

I am forwarding this reminder notice to a number of the local groups that
include members who may have an interest in Linux.  It seems unlikely to me
that the new core group of organizers will continue to cover the waterfront
to this extent, and in any event, we do not wish to post messages that may
be regarded by some as spam.

GSLUG maintains three mail lists: GSLUG-general, -announce and -orgs.   You
are encouraged to join at least the GSLUG-announce list if you wish to
unequivocally keep abreast of future activities of this group.  I personally
encourage you to join the GSLUG-general list, which will give you a view of
the processes that are underway and allow you to participate yourself.  You
can  subscribe via:


Ken Meyer
GSLUG Organizer Emeritus

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From: Ian Gallagher
Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2007 9:40 AM

Subject: Reminder: GSLUG This Saturday, 12:00 PM, September 1st at
North Seattle Community College

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to send out a message so that everyone knows we're still
on for GSLUG this Saturday, and I hope to see lots of people there!


One small thing that has been brought to my attention - NSCC will be
undergoing network maintenance this Saturday, and we may be without a
high speed Internet connection if that is the case. I'm working on
making arrangements to bring an EVDO modem/router so we can have some
connectivity for at least the presentation machine, and possibly
everyone. We'll just have to see how it goes.


Speakers: Please be able to give your full presentation without Internet


There was also some minor confusion regarding the meeting schedule,
here's what we have planned, roughly:

12:00 - 12:30: "Mingle" time, allow for everyone to arrive, chat, and
get seated.

12:30 - 1:55: Presentations in "Lightning talk" format

1:55 - 2:00: Raffle, give-aways

2:00 - 4:00: Workshop time, get help with specific issues, work on
projects, install Linux, networking with fellow GSLUG'ers.

4:00: Meeting ends


Original notice:

The September 2007, inaugural meeting of the Greater Seattle Linux Users
(GSLUG) will be held on Saturday, September 1st, starting promptly at
12:00 PM on the North Seattle Community College campus.


  We are confirmed to use room IB 3319. (Yes, the same room we've had
  in the past)

  Parking is free on weekends.

  For directions and complete details, please visit the meeting's Wiki


  For directions:


  Please feel free to forward this announcement as appropriate.


This will be the first meeting GSLUG has had in quite a while, and
things have changed. The presentation format will be that of Lightning
talks (Several talks from 5-10 minutes in length, with open Q&A
afterwards) instead of the traditional hour or so long presentations.

Following is a quick synopsis of the lightning presentations planned
for September 1st:

* Eric Butler: What's new in Linux?

It's been a while since GSLUG last met, so I'm going to kick things
off by going over some of the things that have changed in the
linux/free software world these past few years, including new
technologies that make both the linux desktop and the linux server
more exciting than ever.

* Steven Reisler: On the recent summary judgment in SCO v Novell and
its implications

Steve gave a talk on the SCO legal scrimmage at the 2004 LinuxFest. He
gave a follow-up talk at the July, 2005 gslug meeting. He will give
this follow-up talk on the latest. He will give another follow-up talk
next year ...

* Elaine: Can a law practice live by Debian alone? or reality Gnu/Linux
I am Steve's IT - he's the attorney.

* Mark Foster: DNS audits using Perl

Scavenge is a perl-based mechanism to discover inactive DNS records.
It is useful to the DNS admin looking to clean up zonefile data. The
script relies heavily on Net::DNS. I will show some examples of usage
and ask for feedback on improving it.

* Eitan Isaacson: Accessibility is good

A brief introduction to accessibility.

We of course hope to see many old faces and many new at this meeting,
please plan on attending and be prepared to learn, share knowledge,
and ask challenging questions!

We have completely transitioned the web site to the Wiki now - please
explore it, in particular the page for this upcoming meeting:


If you plan on attending, please add yourself to the list of "Who's
coming?" (A great way to get a feel for editing a Wiki page if you
haven't yet!)

-Ian Gallagher

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