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Jim Hogan jim.hogan at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 00:37:20 PDT 2007


Darn.  I told myself that I would keep my yap shut, SASAG-wise, for a
year or two.

On 8/31/07, Benjamin Krueger <benjamin at seattlefenix.net> wrote:
> * Mohsen Banan-vendors (vendors at mohsen.banan.1.byname.net) [070831 22:58]:
> >
> > More like good wine going down the wrong throat.
> >
> > ...Mohsen
> I see that not everyone gets past their "immature anti-Microsoft zealot" stage.

Me, I like to think that I don't spend my time being "anti" much of
anything and I, perhaps unlike Mohsen, might just ignore things like
DOC attachments. But I figure it is worth pointing out the irony that
this SASAG discussion is taking place at a time when then monopoly in
question is busy as a beaver buying votes in pursuit of the *next*
(hoped-for) single-vendor DOC "standard":



But if you *like* having a single company control your IT destiny, I'm
not sure that anything I could say would matter.

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