[SASAG] Proprietary Formats on Public Mailing Lists -- Was: Re: System Admin Job opportunity

Michael T. Halligan michael at halligan.org
Sat Sep 1 14:43:06 PDT 2007

On Sep 1, 2007, at 12:37 AM, Jim Hogan wrote:

> Benjamin,
> Darn.  I told myself that I would keep my yap shut, SASAG-wise, for a
> year or two.
> On 8/31/07, Benjamin Krueger <benjamin at seattlefenix.net> wrote:
>> * Mohsen Banan-vendors (vendors at mohsen.banan.1.byname.net) [070831  
>> 22:58]:
>>> More like good wine going down the wrong throat.
>>> ...Mohsen
>> I see that not everyone gets past their "immature anti-Microsoft  
>> zealot" stage.
> Me, I like to think that I don't spend my time being "anti" much of
> anything and I, perhaps unlike Mohsen, might just ignore things like
> DOC attachments. But I figure it is worth pointing out the irony that
> this SASAG discussion is taking place at a time when then monopoly in
> question is busy as a beaver buying votes in pursuit of the *next*
> (hoped-for) single-vendor DOC "standard":
> http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20070829070630660
> Oops.
> But if you *like* having a single company control your IT destiny, I'm
> not sure that anything I could say would matter.
> Jim

If the market fails to gain enough adoption over Microsoft's  
proprietary format, then is it Microsoft's fault that they succeeded  
while others failed? Beyond a few thousand geeks who don't like  
Microsoft, does anybody really care?As we sit in our ivory towers of  
technical knowledge, we forget that we are not the norm. I doubt the  
average person really wants to mess around with new file formats,  
when the one they've been using for over a decade works just fine for  
them.  RMS is not god, he's just some loudmouthed hippy who could  
learn some manners and improve his hygiene.

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