[SASAG] Proprietary Formats on Public Mailing Lists -- Was: Re: System Admin Job opportunity

Michael T. Halligan michael at halligan.org
Mon Sep 3 16:09:18 PDT 2007

<large body of text snipped due to me being tired of hearing the  
slashdot contingent's prattle for the 5,000th time>

>> RMS is not god, he's just some loudmouthed hippy who could
>> learn some manners and improve his hygiene.
> Hey, I treasure gcc, but where did you get the idea that injecting the
> notion that "RMS is not god" is relevant?  Who suggested that RMS was
> a deity?
> (If ever I have been called out for a straw man.... boy, oh, boy.)
> And I *really* would like to overlook your unwarranted hygiene
> comments, but I can not.  You have spent time with RMS, I take it?
> Perhaps you asked him about his hygiene and how it compared to other
> controversial figures in history?  I wonder about the personal hygiene
> of George Washington, Ghandi, Oppenheimer?
> Michael: RMS will, with abundant justification, make it into many
> historical texts; the overall assessment of his role will be positive.
>  You and I?  We won't be mentioned.

Thank you for putting a smile on my face today. Those around me were  
be wondering why I laughed uncontrollably for 5 minutes, but then they
read your final two paragraphs, and did the same.

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