[SASAG] Proprietary Formats on Public Mailing Lists -- Was: Re: System Admin Job opportunity

Jim Hogan jim.hogan at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 18:55:57 PDT 2007

On 9/3/07, Michael T. Halligan <michael at halligan.org> wrote:

> Thank you for putting a smile on my face today. Those around me were
> be wondering why I laughed uncontrollably for 5 minutes, but then they
> read your final two paragraphs, and did the same.

OK, so I misspelled Gandhi.  I do that all the time.  Glad it was worth a laugh.

For a few minutes today, it occurred to me that your ad-hygienem
comment was a joke -- a parody of other low-ball "hippie" comments --
and that I might be humor impaired.  Guess not.

I will now go back to my relentless search for your name in the
history of computing being written as we speak.


-*-  Jim Hogan
     Seattle, WA

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