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Jim Hogan jim.hogan at gmail.com
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On 9/3/07, Russell Brunelle <russell at flyingcroc.net> wrote:
> > I will now go back to my relentless search for your name in the
> > history of computing being written as we speak.
> FWIW, I disagree that only famous people should have the right to
> criticize other famous people, which appears to be the basic premise
> behind comments such as the above.

That is a good point.  I agree.  My comment might not have been fair.

I will say I was a tad peeved by the mode of criticism -- the terms
"smelly" comes to mind-- and that low criticism (intended to diminish
another person's contribution) did make me want to ask what the
critic's contributions are by comparison.  I also want to say that I
think I have a pretty good sense of what my own contributions are to
computing -- miniscule, unmeasurable -- and I hope that tempers my
criticisms of those that have made bigger, perhaps mixed,

> If a well-known leader in the open source movement takes extreme
> positions, publicly obsesses on whether Linux should instead be called
> "GNU/Linux" to a frankly embarassing degree, or in general does not always
> choose to comport himself in a professional manner in professional
> circumstances, then I feel any user of open source software has a right to
> criticize that behavior, whether or not they enjoy the same level of name
> recognition.

I agree.  and I think some of the criticisms of "extremism" are, from
all I can tell, are justified (and why some of us appreciate some of
the results of the leader's work but don't exactly worship the
leader), but nowhere in your comments do I see an attempt to minimize
anybody by name-calling.

> I'll pause to note that nobody on this list enjoys the same level of name
> recognition as Bill Gates, but I've yet to hear a similar argument against
> criticizing HIS behavior merely on that basis.

Correct.  If relative fame somehow precluded criticism, we'd be in bad shape.


> Same thing, as far as I can tell.
> Russell
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