[SASAG] Old negatives and film conversion ideas?

Traugott, Jim jim.traugott at medtronic.com
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I would start by looking at this page:


Larry Bolch is a retired professional photographer who is active an
_many_ photography newsgroups. He's really into sharing his vast
knowledge. His whole site is worth a good look.


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I just got a ton of old slides, photograph negatives (BIG ones that are
2 to 3 inches by 1 to 4 inches in size) as well as old pictures.

I would like to convert all of these to high quality (color corrected,
properly enhanced) images and miniDV movies.

I have been looking for a reasonable and high quality service to just do
it all, and also getting the right equipment to do it myself.

Problem is I can't find any guides or suggestions on what the best
methods are, and especially what would be the right equipment.

Anyone out there a semi-pro hobbyist in the digital imaging arena? I
need some help deciding on the right course.

I need to get this done FAST so I can show it all to my older relatives
and get some of the background on the images.

Any help or ideas would be great!!

+ Leeland
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