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Ski Kacoroski kacoroski at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 10:05:34 PDT 2007


The Northshore School District is looking for a consultant to help with
one or more of our internal technology projects.  If you have
the skills for one or more of the projects and are interested (or you
know someone who would be a good fit), please contact me.  Some of these
items could be done by an intern so if you know any college students
interested in system admin work point them my way :).  You will need to
work on site (Bothell WA) and provide proof of insurance as required by
the Northshore School District.  The current project list is (should
be something in here for just about everybody :)...

1. Re-implement monitoring services: Collect requirements from team,
work with team to select open source tool, and implement the tool for
monitoring of network and server services.  We are using OpenNMS for
some items now and it may be the one we need for everything, just do
not know for sure.

2. Upgrade Linux machines:  Work with Ski to select new linux OS
(either Ubuntu or Debian), develop a migration plan to move servers and
services to the new OS, then migrate all servers to the new OS.  This
will include retiring the last Redhat servers we have.

3. Document Management System:  Collect requirements from team, work
with team to select a tool, implement the tool, and train users on how
to use it.  Alfresco is the leading candidate at this time so if you
have experience setting it up that is a big plus.

4. Unix/Linux System management:  Work with Ski to  re-implement a
system management solution (cfengine, bcfg2, or puppet).  After 3 years
of minimal maintenance our current cfengine setup is a bit crufty.

5. Upgrade Unix/Linux apps such as BackupPC, DHCP, DNS, Mailman,
3ware raid notificaton, etc. Many of these have not been touched for 3
- 4 years.

6. Ticket tracking: Collect requirements from team, work with team to
select a tool, implement the tool, and train users on how to use it.
We are currently using WebHelpDesk which has several limitations.

7. Portal software: Replacement for schoolcenter which runs our
website and is used by the teachers. This may be 2 systems (one for use
by all NSD staff and one for Technology's internal use) and it Alfresco
may be able to do some of it.

8. Set up a fax server

9. Set up new KVM

10. Patch sun machines

11. Set up openldap with sasl (I have it working without sasl now, but
find I need sasl for .NET and other MS apps to connect correctly).

12. Set up a radius server

13. Set up SSL VPN server that will support Mac, Unix, and Window's

14. Clean up and label wiring and servers and set up storage and work
areas in the server room



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