[SASAG] One Laptop Per Child micro-jam. Sat Oct 27 noon-7pm

tallpaul at speakeasy.org tallpaul at speakeasy.org
Sun Oct 21 21:32:42 PDT 2007

I'm hosting a One Laptop Per Child micro-jam at my house on:

Sat Oct 27 noon-whenever (probably about 7pm)
4049 1st Ave NE

There will be food and beverages (of an all-ages variety), a couple of computers
and a fair bit of enthusiasm. I've also got a hot tub so if you want to use that
bring a swimsuit. There will not be an actual OLPC laptop there for you to check
out unless someone has one to bring.

The main purpose for this will be to get some momentum rolling in the Seattle area
for the OLPC Project. My hope is to set up an actual all-weekend Jam event:


I'd also like to set up regular meetings and a Seattle OLPC Interest Group with
an "Activity" of our own.

Honestly if noone shows up it'll just be me spending some dedicated time hacking
around with OLPC emulation and coding. So show up and help me eat a bunch of food
and chat about OLPC.

Tentative Agenda:

 	* Sign-in/contact list
 	* Seattle OLPC Jam Discussion
 	* Seattle OLPC Interest Group Discussion
 	* Workshop: Using the OLPC Emulator for Development

What to Bring:

 	* a laptop or relatively portable desktop
 	* power strips
 	* your ideas for OLPC
         * your preferred food/drink (no alcohol please - let's keep this minor-friendly)

RSVP  to me tallpaul at speakeasy.org if you can. I'd like to have a general 
idea of who to expect.

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