[SASAG] Training Information Addendum

Ken Meyer kmeyer at blarg.net
Thu Jan 3 09:00:59 PST 2008

Adam --

I don't know a lot about Mac courses. However, if you ask the Mac community,
it's such an intuitive system that you don't need instruction.  Of course,
in my opinion, that's just pure silliness (my attempt to be somewhat
polite).  And, are you going to need to administer the Mac server as well?
Of course, there's a lot of Linux under the surface of a Mac, so maybe you
could, as the mathematicians say, "Reduce it to a problem previously solved"

Here's the website for the Seattle Mac organization, called dBug, for the
"Downtown Business User Group", for historical reasons I don't understand.
If there is any training of the type you crave available, people  at their
events should know about it:


Here is their recent newsletter, with the schedule for their SIGs included:


As for the Mac Store, others exist in Lynnwood (Alderwood Mall) and Tukwila.
And, apparently, at least some stores offer one-on-one training as well:


Well, I've shot my wad on the training scene.  Please let us know how it
works out for you, and how you rate the training you got, if any.

Ken Meyer

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Thanks for all your suggestions, I'm still currently looking for Mac Classes
though, The Mac Store said they are closed for training for remodeling and
don't have a time when they will start offering it again.

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Adam et al --

I heard from Don Crawley of Sound Training, which is the commercial training
outfit I alluded to but couldn't think of off-hand.  Their website is:


Also, Dave's suggestion of the UW Extension might be right on the money for
you.  Here is the home page for the Linux/Unix curriculum:


and here is the course description page:


Note that the second course in the series, which specifically addresses
system administration, begins next Monday, January 7th, though if you are
entirely new to Linux, you might be somewhat at sea without the Fall course:

"Schedule: (10 sessions) Mondays, 6-9 p.m., Jan. 7-March 17, 2008 (no class
on Jan. 21 or Feb. 18); $695; 3 CEUs. Instructor: Phil Nesser"

What I would do is get the contact the Extension Office about space
availability and have a dialog with the instructor about what you really
need to know and might have trouble picking-up "on the fly":

"If you have questions about this program, please call 206-685-8936 in the
greater Seattle area, or 1-800-543-2320 and press zero, or e-mail [one of
those rinky-dink webforms] us"

Or, here's the home page for Phil Nesser's consulting operation:


I note that he also teaches UNIX courses through that operation, but
expensive and no dates specified.

Ken Meyer

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