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MakaRuby_LLC craign at makaruby.biz
Sun Jan 27 22:32:48 PST 2008

Hello fellow SASAGE,

I am recently extraordinarily blessed and no longer have to deal with m$ / linux servers in my current role as an AIX/{hp-ux/solaris} admin. I will bring to SAGE 21feb meeting if any replies (if not the recycle bin). 

0-7356-1961-1 "SQL Server 2000 System Administration"
0-7356-1439-3 "Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure"
0-7356-1437-7 "Windows Server 2003 Environment"
0-321-30501-9 "Windows Server 2003 Security"
 0-07-222343-X "Windows Server 2003 Best Practices for Enterprise Deployments"
0-596-00633-0 "Windows Server Cookbook"
1-938994-07-5 "Active Directory for Windows 2000 Server"
0-07-212323 "Windows 2000 Active Directory"

Yes, yours if you ereply and show up. Dated? yup. But it looks great on the shelf of your cubicle if you are trying to impress your peers (that is ... you work for a cellular services company - CAREFUL as any SASAGE sees thru that...)


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