[SASAG] Change in IRC services coming soon - new channel name

Lee Damon nomad at castle.org
Tue Jan 29 20:18:15 PST 2008

For those of you who are aware (or wish to be aware) of the IRC service 
we've been using please remember it is changing on 31 JAN, 2008.  For 
details see <http://lopsa.org/IRCmigration>.

To avoid confusion about affiliation and because of name registration 
things there we're going to be using #SASAG as our channel on the new 
server.  The channel already exists if you want to join it before the 
move - to join early you'll need to go to irc.freenode.net and then join 
#SASAG.  After the change-over you can go back to using irc.lopsa.org to 
get there.


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