[SASAG] training again

Scott McDermott scottm at octaldream.com
Thu Mar 20 14:23:00 PDT 2008

Speaking to MS stuff...

The Microsoft Press books that are for certification prep seem to be pretty good. They are broken up into tasks, so they make good cookbooks.

NetDesk and SQLSoft both teach the Microsoft courses, most of which are very helpful, especially if you have a little experience with the product you're training to admin. The classes give you good oportunities to poke at stuff and ask questions.

Microsoft also has many of their products available as a VM download for Virtual Server or VirtualPC. Those can give you similar opportunities to experiment, but without a clueful person to direct questions to.

Anyone managing MS software should definately be learning PowerShell. The new server products are all managed by PowerShell using an MMC front end to run PS commands and they will also tell you the commands that just ran. Very cool stuff (and reminiscent of AIX if you remember the running man...) Yes, it's yet another administrative language, but it beats the stuffing out of writing VBS and you can write scripts for it in the iterative way that most of us are used to.

And as always, if there's an O'Reilly book available, it's a safe bet.

Scott McDermott

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I have folks that need training.
 SQL admin
 Scripting (pick any well used MS centric method)
 Any MUST HAVE books?
Online training?
 Local schools?

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