[SASAG] SysAdmin / PenTest Saturday March 29, April 26-27th

macker macker at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 23:07:32 PDT 2008

I am looking for a few pen-testers/security aware SysAdmins who would want
to spare a few hours on Saturday March 29 attacking some machines for fun.
You get to hack into some machines and do whatever you want in a lab
environment. This is for the National Collegiate Cyber Defense competition
coming up (CCDC) here in Seattle. Sorry if this is a dup for the seahack,
GH, or DC206.

For the trial run on Saturday March 29 at a lab at the UW Tacoma campus, we
will have about 8-10 machines set up (representing 1 'pod' out of the 9 pods
that will be set up for the final April event), running a variety of OS's,
services, applications. We also have built in holes, rootkits, and other
entry vectors built into the images. We will have a couple students
defending against you (the students are mostly Sr. year in college)... You
get to do whatever you want to do, just rm -rf / if your inside the box,
etc. Fun stuff, let then know your in, leave marks, reconfigure a service,
gain root, open xterms, echo words of wisdom to them, make the cdrom become
a beer holder, etc. No DOS attacks. You should bring your own laptop set up
with the tools you need. We need to test our images.

This is a dry run of the actual event in April. In April, details of which I
will be releasing soon (I would like to get about 20-30 volunteers for the
late April event), we will have 9 teams of 8 college kids each coming down
from colleges across the west coast for the event, from Alaska down to
Oregon, over to Idaho. Next year this will be a government funded event. A
documentary is being made, and I am working on getting credits in the
documentary for all the red team attackers if you are interested in helping
with a 4 hour attack session against them in April. We have 2 days of
attacks then, but plan on having the red team members do shifts. Either way,
a fun event to screw with all these college kids.

Bonus == Microsoft wants to use the documentary as a promotion for them
(they are sponsoring the main space for the 120 + documentary, so showing
they are down with education, etc), and it will be aired on UWTV, I am also
providing the sponsoring for the event, and still need to cover food costs
for 120 people. If your company is interested in some form of sponsorship,
please contact me offline, Bonus points if your company are supportive of
open source. As a sponsor, I am working on getting you recognition in the
documentary, can have banners at the event, and get access to interview
these soon-to-be-graduates and their resumes on the last day of the April
event while we tally up the final scoring engine results, which is mostly
automated but have manual aspects as well (i.e. injects which will be
documented shortly).

Next year the winning team will go onto national CCDC in San Antonio. This
year, they get bragging rights + some prizes, There is also opportunity to
donate schwag - what college kid would turn down a free t-shirt, mug, etc.
There are alot more details which will be posted within the next couple days
for the final event in April. Please email me if you want to participate in
the Dry-Run exercise next Saturday. It will last from around 1pm – 5pm? I
will be releasing all the final details on the main April event, rules, etc
soon, and will provide a link to all the information for those that are

- macker
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