[SASAG] Do the names James, postma.com, or wwwds.com mean anything to you?

Lee Damon nomad at castle.org
Thu Apr 3 13:16:00 PDT 2008

The following bounce message is sent back in reply to every posting to 
this list from the postmonster at wwwds.com:

Please do not send mail to this mailbox except if:

You wish information about the services of wwwds.  In this case please 
send mail to


Email to james [] postma.com goes unanswered.

The mail does not indicate who/where the subscription was nor is any 
address at wwwds.com subscribed to the list.

If anyone knows what address might be subscribed and generating this 
email please let me know so I can unsubscribe it.

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Date: Thu,  3 Apr 2008 11:51:39 
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