[SASAG] Looking for a contract perl coder

Ski Kacoroski kacoroski at gmail.com
Wed May 7 14:43:08 PDT 2008


I am looking for a perl programmer to do some contract work for the
Northshore school district.  Specific jobs would be:

- Creating small web apps using the cgi::app framework (we have several
already written) to return data from ldap, to allow users to reset
their password, and to allow technicians to temporarily change and then
restore a users password.

- Scripts to change Mac workstation sharing names, add Macs to AD,
set up new Macs (get info from user and put into a file on disk), and
migrate a user to a new Mac workstation.

- Scripts read a student database and create directories on the file
server, groups in AD, and apply the correct group permissions to the

Preferred skill set is perl on Linux, Mac, & Windows with experience
using the Net::Ldap, CGI::App, DBI, Win32 modules.

Please contact me with your resume if you are interested.



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