[SASAG] Moving websites? (more consulting questions)

Troy Davis troy at yort.com
Mon Jun 16 14:48:57 PDT 2008

In consulting companies with fewer than ~5 individuals providing
service, I think almost all revenue will stem from people you've
personally interacted with (either directly or via referral/intro).

Meet folks, establish trust, and make them aware of how you can help,
instead of cold outbound marketing (ads, calls, web-based service
packages) to total strangers.

If you're after VPS migrations, that probably means awareness among
operators of VPS hosting companies, who would give their soon-to-be
customers warm referrals to you ("Hey, Bill  can help you move on to our
service").  It also addresses the problem that many of your clients
won't be active looking for a contract sysadmin; they'll need one
without acutely realizing it.

While you still might need to contact them out of the blue, at least you
have a chance to establish trust -- harder to do in 20 character AdWords.

Hope this helps,


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