[SASAG] Harvard Biomedical HPC Event - Oct 5-7

Stuart Kendrick skendric at fhcrc.org
Wed Aug 13 12:43:33 PDT 2008

hi folks,

jacob farmer is the principal at Cambridge Computer, a storage consulting outfit 
with whom we've done business (and expect to do business with again, on account 
of the excellent experience)


Stuart, I thought perhaps this conference might be interesting to you or
other folks at FHCRC.  This event is being held at Harvard in early
October.  Its kinda close to your BRIITE event, but that's what October
is for - going to conferences.

I would be grateful if you would help circulate this announcement.  I
would be happy to supply a discount code that saves $195 to anyone who
asks (I just can't email out the code).  We also can arrange to waive
the registration costs for a limited number of people who might
have special situations.

jfarmer at cambridgecomputer.com

---------  Below is info on the Conference  ------------------------


The second Biomedical High Performance Computing Leadership Summit will
take place October 5th - 7th, 2008 at Harvard Medical School. This
Summit is the premiere event for the people who build and maintain
clusters and grids for high performance computing in the biomedical fields.

Held for two days, with a reception on the eve of the first day, the
Summit brings together experts from around the country to share ideas
and collaborate on today's and the next generation of cluster and grid
computing. With an expected attendance of 200 professionals, the Summit
is targeted towards CTO’s, senior grid and cluster managers and senior
systems administrators from premier research and biomedical
organizations around the country. Members of the HPC technology vendor
community are also invited to participate.

Themes for this year include:

     * Managing biomedical storage growth -- with many institutions
       seeing storage growth measured in pedabytes the challenges with
       managing, archiving and retrieving accelerate
     * Bringing HPC to the users -- many scientists need access to HPC
       resources but don't have the technical skills to adapt to command
       lines and shell scripts. New frameworks allow researchers to do
       common tasks through a web GUI or via automated web services.
     * Connecting to the grid -- many small and medium biomedical HPC
       shops would like to participate in the national grid efforts, but
       knowing where to start and how to participate is an ongoing challenge
     * Trends in Biomedical HPC -- hear from the experts about the latest
       trends in Biomedical HPC including the new Centers for
       Translational Science and the growing demand for large scale HPC
       services in Biomedical Research

The goal of this special event is to bring the best minds in grid and
cluster management together to both share ideas and methods as well as
to catalyze collaboration amongst institutions. The audience is an
active participant in the Summit through audience response devices and
participant break-out sessions. This is not your ordinary conference or
trade show.

Registration is now open, continue to registration
<https://biomedhpc.med.harvard.edu/register.html>. *Early bird
registration has been extended through August 18th!*

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