[SASAG] Hosting Companies

Mark Foster mark at foster.cc
Thu Oct 16 13:52:40 PDT 2008

Dennis Hanson wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a good Linux server hosting company, preferably in 
> the Seattle area.  No Plesk, etc to get in the way.  Preferably just a 
> ssh account.  We just need to host a website for now, but maybe more later.
Hi Dennis!

BitPusher (my company) provides managed hosting both here in Seattle and 
San Francisco. We also have a managed colocation offering here.

If you are interested in finding out more, please visit 
http://www.bitpusher.com/ and get in touch. Thanks.

Mark Foster - Sr. Systems Engineer
BitPusher, LLC - <http://www.bitpusher.com/>
1-888-9PUSHER x803 <mailto:mfoster at bitpusher.com>

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