[SASAG] Recommendations for business internet provide in Seattle WA

Casey Paul Scott cps42 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 26 23:49:05 PST 2008

| I am working with a startup located at 1100 Dexter Ave N.  Currently
| they get internet access via the building management, but are running
| into some problems with that (e.g. the block IPSEC VPN's for one thing).
| They are looking for an ISP to provide them around 3 - 6 MB down and up.
| Any recommendations?

I've been a satisfied customer of Internap (Fisher Plaza)'s in the past (2001-2004), with Active / Shadow DS3 services on diverse carriers into the PNAP, and DR scenarios that involved drop-shipping gear into a secondary datacenter on their backbone if there was ever a failure in the Seattle PNAP. Our team did not use cage space, just diverse carrier isp services, and that worked out very well. The PNAP NOC was extremely proactive. 

Currently the team I work for uses VzB and XO to provide discrete carrier IP services directly to our data center. XO has been more proactive of the two, and easier to work with, but their peering has been odd in the last 6 months or so. XO has had a major DS3 service failure (more than 4 hours) into our data center in the last year; VzB has not. VzB has been in the building since it was UUNet, I think, and they are providing MetroEthernet services. Qwest and VzB are the only ones offering that solution, IIRC. 

We recently purchased IPv6 capacity; NTT-US was the only provider willing to sell commercial IPv6 services. 

If I did not have dedicated NOC staff, I'd go back to Internap, and consider rack space for the public facing service devices, to reduce the need for high-speed symetric bandwidth into the office, and throw in a high speed DSL or FIOS line into the office for browsing and download capacity.

 Casey Paul Scott 

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