[SASAG] Decipher Exchange SMTP Logs

Louie Swalby Louie.Swalby at noaa.gov
Mon Jan 26 13:58:44 PST 2009

One simple way to do this is to telnet to that server on port 25 and 
issue the "ehlo" command  (extended hello). The server will respond with 
its support capabilities including one called SIZE.

Eric Kahklen wrote:

>We are having a problem where an attachment over 1 MB is being denied by
>the destination mail server.  They have told me they are not limiting
>incoming email size.  They are able to receive email with an attachment
>less than 1 MB from my users.  I've sent the same attachment from my
>personal email account that is not using Exchange and have not yet
>received a bound message yet, but have not heard from them if they got the
>message.  Is there a way to know what their mail server's message size
>limits are? My smtp logs show <, 250 SIZE 1048576 which should be 1 MB.
>Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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