[SASAG] Recommendations for a Networking Consultant to vet network design

tallpaul at speakeasy.org tallpaul at speakeasy.org
Wed Feb 4 12:57:38 PST 2009


 	We are doing a network redesign and myself and some senior folks 
on my team have been working on it for some months. We think we've got a 
fairly good design together. But given the scope of the project and that 
none of us specialize in networking (although one is pretty close at this 
point!) we'd like someone with significantly more experience to look it 
over, poke holes and make any recommendations.

We'd like to get at:
 	* where we put layer2/layer3 decision points
 	* 10G vs. bonded 1G backhauls
 	* vendor/model line recommendations, anti-recommendations (and why!)
 	* IP space layout decisions

We think our design is fairly complete, so we are hoping we will need this 
person for a few days, but in the very near future.

All recommendations appreciated!


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