[SASAG] Windows <-> Unix Sync?

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Mon Apr 13 12:13:33 PDT 2009

Have you looked at using PathSync? http://cockos.com/pathsync/ .

I have used it for syncing flawlessly for the past several months. Granted,
you need to run samba on the Linux side. The setup is basically adding 5
extra lines to your config file and restarting it. A brief tutorial can be
located here http://opensourceheaven.net/?page_id=191 .

Unison looks nice, and seems to share the same features of pathsync.


On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 11:19 AM, Garrett Honeycutt <
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> Bill Levering wrote:
>> What do you use when sync'ng between Windows & Unix?
>> Generally, my only solution is ftp (which IIS constantly drops
>>  connections) but I could install some 'custom' solution (ssh w/cygwin  or
>> another ftp program)... from there, I call 'ncftpget -E -V -R  [host]
>> [local_dir] [remote_dir]' twice, to make sure I get all the  files (because
>> of the dropped connections).
>> What other options are there?
>> Bill
> I was working at a dotcom a while back and was tired of supporting Samba
> for a small user base and switched people to Sftpdrive, which is now
> Expandrive ( http://www.expandrive.com/windows ). It allows you to mount a
> file system over SSH. If you want to sync between the two, you can just
> write scripts that do simple copies and the data can be accessible by both
> platforms.
> A quick search brought up Dokan ( http://dokan-dev.net/en/download/ ),
> which appears to do SSHFS for Windows, as well.
> I enjoyed this approach as I did not have to maintain any additional
> services or wrap scripts around other protocols (like ftp in your comments),
> since everything was happening on the file system.
> Good luck,
> -g
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