[SASAG] Windows <-> Unix Sync?

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Is there any J2EE web free/opensoure development site to do auto-deployment?

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Have you looked at using PathSync? http://cockos.com/pathsync/ .

I have used it for syncing flawlessly for the past several months. Granted, you need to run samba on the Linux side. The setup is basically adding 5 extra lines to your configfile and restarting it. A brief tutorial can be located here http://opensourceheaven.net/?page_id=191 .

Unison looks nice, and seems to share the same features of pathsync.


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Bill Levering wrote:

What do you use when sync'ng between Windows & Unix?

Generally, my only solution is ftp (which IIS constantly drops  connections) but I could install some 'custom' solution (ssh w/cygwin  or another ftp program)... from there, I call 'ncftpget -E -V -R  [host] [local_dir] [remote_dir]' twice, to make sure I get all the  files (because of the dropped connections).

What other options are there?


I was working at a dotcom a while back and was tired of supporting Samba for a small user base and switched people to Sftpdrive, which is now Expandrive( http://www.expandrive.com/windows ). It allows you to mount a file system over SSH. If you want to sync between the two, you can just write scripts that do simple copies and the data can be accessible by both platforms.

A quick search brought up Dokan( http://dokan-dev.net/en/download/ ), which appears to do SSHFS for Windows, as well.

I enjoyed this approach as I did not have to maintain any additional services or wrap scripts around other protocols (like ftp in your comments), since everything was happening on the file system.

Good luck,

Garrett Honeycutt
Sr. Systems Engineer


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