[SASAG] Low Cost iSCSI/FC Storage

Scott Humphreys scott.humphreys at siliconmechanics.com
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We sell a lot of Open-E based appliances and, depending on the application and usage model, they can be a perfect fit and the price is very attractive. Some of our people have been working with Nexenta but I'm not particularly familiar. They do have an attractive feature set. If you have questions or want to discuss your particular application let me know and I would be happy try to answer them. 

Open-e based systems can be Fibre Channel targets as well. 


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Hi All, 

Does anyone here have any experience with Nexenta appliances 
(http://tiny.cc/CwUwX) or Open-E? I've heard a little good and a lot 
of bad about Open-E, but it seems it might work for certain 
situations. For Nexenta I've heard practically nothing, good or bad. 

I'm looking at these as well as a Dell MD3000i to serve up mass 
quantities of lower performance, but hopefully very stable, storage. 
We have a clariion, but it's just too costly when you need 20TB or 

Also, does anyone know of any low cost FC options in the same class of 
storage? Most of our servers are already connected to a FC fabric, so 
it would be nice not to cable up more interfaces. 

Of course I'm looking to stuff whichever solution chock full of 
7200RPM 1TB SATA drives. 

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