[SASAG] Low Cost iSCSI/FC Storage

J.P. McGlinn jmcglinn at speakeasy.net
Thu Apr 30 11:31:47 PDT 2009

Do you happen to recall if that was NFS that performed badly? Solaris 
NFS server implementation is very strict and the write performance is 
terrible out of the box. I built a Solaris system for NAS at home, it 
performs well, except for writing to a NFS share.

I rather like Solaris and ZFS. I recently had a drive fail and fall out 
of my raidz storage pool. I'm not pushing more than 1-3 users, but 
performance didn't seem to really suffer at all. As I'm close to filling 
the pool I've opted to get new (larger) drives and rebuild with 
OpenSolaris for native CIFS (no samba).

ZFS can store the NFS shares (and CIFS too with native CIFS in 
OpenSolaris, not sure about Nexenta) meaning a pool can be moved from 
one OS install to another without loss of the share configuration, handy 
when your OS blows up on you and you want your storage up fast.

I haven't tried out NexentaStor, but talking to the PogoLinux folks last 
weekend, it sounds like the NFS issue was recently fixed in their offerings.

Mark D. Foster wrote:
> We use NexentaStor for one of our customer's NAS server (no iSCSI).
> It appears to be pretty solid after about 3 months. OTOH we aren't
> exactly taxing it.
> Also it did performed horribly out of the box, there were a few settings
> we had to tweak to get acceptable performance.

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