[SASAG] Low Cost iSCSI/FC Storage

Mark Foster mark at foster.cc
Thu Apr 30 15:15:42 PDT 2009

Yes it was NFS and not CIFS I had the problem with.

J.P. McGlinn wrote:
> Do you happen to recall if that was NFS that performed badly? Solaris 
> NFS server implementation is very strict and the write performance is 
> terrible out of the box. I built a Solaris system for NAS at home, it 
> performs well, except for writing to a NFS share.
> I rather like Solaris and ZFS. I recently had a drive fail and fall 
> out of my raidz storage pool. I'm not pushing more than 1-3 users, but 
> performance didn't seem to really suffer at all. As I'm close to 
> filling the pool I've opted to get new (larger) drives and rebuild 
> with OpenSolaris for native CIFS (no samba).
> ZFS can store the NFS shares (and CIFS too with native CIFS in 
> OpenSolaris, not sure about Nexenta) meaning a pool can be moved from 
> one OS install to another without loss of the share configuration, 
> handy when your OS blows up on you and you want your storage up fast.
> I haven't tried out NexentaStor, but talking to the PogoLinux folks 
> last weekend, it sounds like the NFS issue was recently fixed in their 
> offerings.

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