[SASAG] Seattle movers for computer equipment

David P. Allen allendp at plu.edu
Thu May 7 22:38:21 PDT 2009

We've actually used Bekins several times in the last 4 years for 
cross-campus mass office moves.  The move the computer equipment along 
with all of the furniture & boxes.  They process we've developed is.

1.  We disconnect the cables, peripherals, etc. from each system and 
place them in a box specifically labeled as the "IT" box.  Usually the 
phone goes in the same box.  The only items left out are CPU, Monitor, 
Printer, Scanner, "other large items".
2.  Everything is labeled for the new destination (&/or owner) including 
the devices.
3.  Movers come in and move everything.  They've gotten pretty good at 
moving just about anything (electronics, boxes, potted plants, etc.) and 
keeping it intact from place to place.  I'm not aware of any damaged 
equipment among the 400-500 moves we've done in the last 4 years.
4.  We inspect and then reconnect everything in the new location.

Make sure whoever you used is bonded just in case the unfortunate 
happens.  But, as I mentioned for short distance moves (using trucks 
everytime) we've had good luck.  If you'd like contact info for the 
folks we've worked with down here I'm sure I can dig it up.

Good luck!

-David A.

Ski Kacoroski wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to move a small software company of 15 people about 2 blocks to
> new office space.  The furniture is not moved, but there are lots of
> computers and probably at least 20 boxes of other stuff.  Any
> recommendations for a company that has experience moving computers and
> not breaking them (the one I have used before I cannot find any more --
> it has been several years).

David P. Allen
Director, Systems & Communications
Information & Technology Services
Pacific Lutheran University
t: 253-535-7524
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