[SASAG] Internship Possibility - desired

Bill Shaver b.shaver at comcast.net
Mon May 11 21:31:50 PDT 2009

I have a rather unusual request to put out there, so I will keep it 

My son is a recent graduate with a Computer Science major and Math
minor. He has funding for a 12 week half time (or equivalent) summer
internship but, he is missing is an actual placement. He has some pretty
good past summer internship experience and is looking for an interesting
summer internship this year that allows some flexibility, as he need to
take a little time off for a couple weddings in the mid-west.

If you know of any interesting positions that might work, please let
him know at j_shaver at comcast.net; he can provide a resume and references.

Thank you for indulging my email and best wishes, 

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