[SASAG] Small lot of data center gear for sale

Phil Cordier philc at cordier.com
Thu May 28 18:03:35 PDT 2009

Lot of gear from data center : $500.00

    * 1 APC 7832 0U 24-port PDU
    * 2 APC 9211 8-port remote-reboot PDUs w/9606 SNMP card
    * 2 Cisco 2924 24-port 10/100 managed switches
    * 1 Cisco 3524 24-port 10/100 managed switche, w/2 GBICs


    * 1 NetGear JGS516 10/100/1000 16-port switch
    * 2 Dell 5224 24-port 10/100/1000 managed switches
    * misc PDUs, server rails, CAT5/SCSI/serial cables, power cords, etc
    * 4 rack-mount servers (specs below)

Sold as LOT ONLY. Take one, take all. You haul from my garage on 
Edmonds/Shoreline border, 10 miles North of downtown Seattle.

Email, or Call (9am-9pm only) @ 206.529.7091

Quantity 	Item 	Model 	Size 	Name 	CPU 	RAM 	Disk 	Note
1 	dual opteron 	SuperMicro/Tyan 	2U 	ipm2 	2x240 	3GB 	6x36 SCSI 
Adaptec SCSI RAID5 controller
1 	dual opteron 	SuperMicro/Tyan 	1U 	oss3 	2x246 	4GB 	2x80 SATA 	 
1 	dual opteron 	SuperMicro/Tyan 	1U 	ipm10 	2x265 	8GB 	1x160, 1x250 SATA 	
1 	dual opteron 	SuperMicro/Tyan 	1U 	ipm9 	1x2210-DC 	4GB 	1x150/1x500 

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