[SASAG] bind() interposition tool? (or how to run NTP on my firewall)

RijilV rijilv at riji.lv
Wed Jun 10 16:06:34 PDT 2009

2009/6/10 branen salmon <sasag at nenarb.net>:
> Hey, folks--
> I'm trying to run ntpd on a firewall/router that has some IP addresses that
> ntpd shouldn't be touching.  Sadly, ntpd does not support binding to
> specific addresses [1], but since it does use bind(), I'm wondering if
> there's some sort of interposition tool out there I can use to restrict bind
> to a single IP address.
> The initial request for the feature was made in 2003 [2], so I'm not holding
> my breath.  Any recommendations for the interim?

You can run OpenNTP[1], it will happily listen where you want it to.


[1]: http://www.openntpd.org/

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