[SASAG] udev and hot-swap drives

Mark Foster mark at foster.cc
Thu Jun 11 11:09:57 PDT 2009

Recently I had a drive failure on one of our Linux servers that uses md 
Upon replacing the drive (hot-swap) which was /dev/sdb (for example) it 
was recognized instead as /dev/sde.

In other words it didn't assume the previous device identifier.
I attempted to rectify this with soft-links e.g. /dev/sdb -> /dev/sde 
but it didn't pan out.
So I rebooted the server and the drive was then correctly identified as 
/dev/sdb which allowed the md array to be rebuilt.

Is there a way to coerce udev to remap a device on the fly or how could 
I have handled this better i.e. to avoid the reboot?

P.S. I realize hardware RAID would usually handle this situation fine.

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