[SASAG] heads-up / Jacob Farmer / Thursday

Stuart Kendrick skendric at fhcrc.org
Sun Jul 19 06:42:31 PDT 2009

Hi folks,

Jacob Farmer will offer selections from his Next Generation Storage seminar this
Thursday 10-11:30am, with Q&A + Lunch (provided) from 11:30 - 1:00, somewhere on 
the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center campus (South East Lake Union), 
specific location TBD.

I'm taking advantage of opportunity here.  Jacob dropped me a note Friday night
to say that he would be in town later this week, we negotiated schedule & 
content Saturday, and I'll reserve a conference room Monday.  This is free 
training; lunch is on Jacob (likely boxed from Gretchen).

Jacob is a frequent speaker at Usenix, SNIA, and Interop.  For those of you who 
have not yet had the pleasure of spending time with Jacob, I suggest that you 
are in for a treat.  Listening to Jacob is somewhat like trying to drink from a 
firehose.  Bright, hyperactive, enthusiastic.  While he is conversant with the 
theory behind storage and related topics, he also gets dirty with product and 
can discuss the pros and cons of particular platforms.


Digital Library Forum




I will be sending a more specific announcement, including location and request
for RSVP, Monday evening.


BTW:  Jacob will be leaving at 1pm for another appointment but can return at
4:30pm and is then free until 8pm, when he heads to Seatac for a flight home. 
If you are interested in hosting him in the late afternoon, or would like to 
join him for dinner and/or drinks, drop me a note.

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