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There are two drivers for email storage policies.  The first is the
legal, regulatory environment that your organization operates in.  You
need to understand the legal implications of any policy you put into
place.  Often times, I have found that legal requirements may want
shorter storage times (e.g. to reduce issues related to the discovery
process) while regulatory requirements want longer storage times (e.g.
we need to save all data for several years because we are a school
district).  One advantage here is that you can use these requirements to
tell the users they have no choice (e.g. it is not IT forcing the
change, but external factors).

Once you have these requirements figured out, you can then decide how to
implement them and whether or not you want to be more stringent with
your users.  In our case, we do it on a case by case basis for the
really large users who need help with email organization.  The rest are
just given a quota and when they run into it we sit down with them to
figure out if they have a reason to exceed it or we can help them to
better organize their email.  If you are using something like exchange
you may have them set up offline email stores (but verify that this does
not break the requirements above such as all email is deleted after xxx



On Tue, 2009-07-28 at 10:49 -0700, eric at kahklen.com wrote:
> We are looking at implementing new email policies to encourage users to
> keep their mailboxes organized and decrease pack rat behavior.  We want to
> be flexible, but need to start limiting the storage limits of end users. 
> What sort of policies are people using in their environment? How did you
> get buy in from end users? Any pitfalls?
> Thanks,
> Eric
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