[SASAG] Linux Server Distro Recommendations

Mark Foster mark at foster.cc
Thu Aug 6 12:29:56 PDT 2009

Atom Powers wrote:
> What do you use, and why?
At Bitpusher we have standardized on Ubuntu (server) LTS and it's worked 
out pretty well. Like any OS it has some failings e.g. the mysql init 
script sucks and the kickstart automated deployment is not mature but by 
and large it has served us well. Also recently we have moved towards 
utitilizing their Launchpad PPA service to provide a way to build & 
distribute backported and other custom packages.

We still support a large number of CentOS, RHEL, Debian and even FreeBSD 
systems. Each has their pros and cons and all are suitable for 
server-class systems. Our prior standard (before my time) was SLES 10 
and we're phasing those out ASAP. I dare say also that Gentoo, Fedora, 
Slackware and various other distros are unsuitable for servers or 
enterprise use.

At home I run FreeBSD 7.x on my servers and Ubuntu and/or Windows XP on 
the desktops.

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