[SASAG] SANS instructors / Pacific Northwest

Hal Pomeranz hal at deer-run.com
Sat Aug 8 15:44:13 PDT 2009

> Do any of the SANS instructors (http://www.sans.org/ns2009/faculty.php) 
> live in the Pacific Northwest?


Note the complete instructor list is:


There are several SANS instructors in the greater Pacific Northwest
region on that list, including myself, Bryce Galbraith, and Mike Poor.
But SANS has a strong on-site program to bring the instructors to you
no matter where they're based.  For more info see

Other options that don't involve travel include:

	SANS at Home (http://www.sans.org/vlive/) 
	SANS OnDemand (http://www.sans.org/ondemand/)

If you have any further questions about SANS training, I'm happy to
try answering them and I can certainly refer you to the right people
at SANS to get your needs met.


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