[SASAG] Job: Unix Sysadmin at Picnik

Justin Huff jjhuff at mspin.net
Thu Aug 13 08:39:53 PDT 2009

Pardon the interruption...
I completely spaced, and forgot to post this to the guild...which is
probably one of the better locations to post:)

Anyway, Picnik is growing and we could use another person.  I'd prefer
that resumes go to jobs at picnik.com just make sure that the proper
people see them.  Feel free to direct questions to me.


Picnik, the #1 online photo-editing site is looking for a new member
for our Operations/Development team. This is a great chance to join a
small team on a fun, successful product. We’re looking for people with
a passion for the web and the challenge that comes with developing and
maintaining a highly available popular site (>35M monthly visits).

The Ops team is responsible maintaining and evolving our scalable
server infrastructure. That includes everything from managing storage
devices to writing code to scale up EC2 resources on demand and
building infrastructure that can scale web/db/storage capacity as the
site continues to grow.  Other responsibilities include
deployment/configuration management and monitoring.

The Ops team also spends time writing business logic code in our
servers and developing a wide variety of ops and business tools. You
should be an experienced software developer with experience working on
large projects with other developers.

We’re looking for someone who has most of these attributes:
-       Strong Programming Skills. C++/Perl/Python/Ruby are all good choices.
-       Must be easy to get along with -- must play well with others.
-       Extensive experience with MySQL replication, management,
tuning and debugging
-       LAMP stack experience
-       Previous experience with large scale, high volume systems
-       Degree in computer science
-       Legally available for work in the US
-       Located in the Seattle area

Bonus attributes:

-       Actionscript/Flex experience
-       Prior startup and large company experience
-       Prior network engineering experience (Cisco/HP/Juniper)
-       Familiarity with load balancers (F5/A10/perlbal)

Please send your resume and information to jobs at picnik.com.

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