[SASAG] DNS Propagation

Tres Wong-Godfrey tres at apollonian.net
Mon Aug 17 09:02:40 PDT 2009

Sorry if I'm misunderstanding the question, but isn't this entirely  
dependent on your TTL?

You may want to update the TTL to something like 3600 24 to 48 hours  
before your changeover, you should be ready for a quick changeover  
(assuming that the current TTL is 86400 -- or 24 hours). This will  
cause a little more traffic to your DNS severs, but it shouldn't be  
that much (heck, gmail has a 3600 TTL).

Either way, the remote MX should keep their mail in the queue and  
retrying for days before it becomes a real issue with bounced mail.

On Aug 17, 2009, at 8:54 AM, <eric at kahklen.com> wrote:

> I need to change my MX record to our new public IP.  My preference  
> is to
> change it after hours on a Friday to allow DNS to propagate.  What  
> sort of
> time frame have people seen with DNS propagation?  We only have one MX
> record.
> Thanks,
> Eric
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