[SASAG] Linux Server Distro Recommendations

Lamont Granquist lamont at scriptkiddie.org
Wed Aug 19 10:31:33 PDT 2009

On Thu, 13 Aug 2009, Tres Wong-Godfrey wrote:
> But if you do find that Debian is 'the one,'  please let me know.

The first principle that I use when evaluating operating systems is a 
simple one:  all Operating Systems royally suck ass.

Trying to find one that is "elegant" or "clean" or "the one" or something 
like that is avoiding evaluating OSen on the basis of what business 
requirements they satisfy.

It used to be the case that apt-get really made Debian superior to RedHat 
in terms of package management, but yum has levelled that field.  Beyond 
that I only see business reasons to use RedHat-based distros and 
minor annoyances (which your employer is paying you to work around).

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