[SASAG] Next Meeting: September 10 at 7pm: Automating Network Configuration

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Wed Aug 19 21:18:43 PDT 2009

September 10th, 2009
EE1 Building (Electrical
Room 403
University of Washington Campus
Automating Network Configuration
Brent Chapman

You’ve been using tools like Puppet and cfengine to corral the
complexity on your servers. You revel in the scalability, reliability,
and ease of maintenance of doing it The Right Way. You don’t fear the
next change because you know the tools will just get it Right. But you
still tremble at an “enable” prompt, hoping you remembered all the bits
that need to be twiddled, on all the networking devices everywhere. Is
your DNS tied on straight – both ways? Is it all *really* being
monitored by Nagios? As your network’s complexity increases, so do the
errors, inconsistencies, and omissions caused by manual configuration,
and brokenness abounds. But wait – there’s a way out of the swamp! Come
hear world-renowned networking expert and popular BayLISA speaker Brent
Chapman as he reveals methods and tools for automating the mind-numbing
task of configuring network devices and services. Among other things,
he’ll talk about his cool new open source “Netomata Config Generator”,
which addresses some of these problems. 


Brent Chapman is the founder, CEO, and technical lead of Netomata, Inc.
He is the coauthor of the highly regarded O’Reilly & Associates book
Building Internet Firewalls. He is also the founder of the Firewalls,
List-Managers, and etwork-Automation Internet mailing lists, and the
creator of the Majordomo mailing list management package. In 2004, Brent
was honored with the annual SAGE Outstanding Achievement Award “for
outstanding sustained contributions to the community of system

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