[SASAG] Database Design

eric at kahklen.com eric at kahklen.com
Tue Aug 25 11:00:49 PDT 2009

We are in the early planning phase of creating a new database to track our
current properties and their long term needs.  I am not a software or
database developer, but I’ll have to support the database once it is
completed.  Due to the specific nature of our business, there aren’t any
off the shelf software packages that fit our need.  Since we’ll most
likely have to build this from the ground up, what technologies should we
be looking out for once we begin to speak with a developer?  If you’ve
had good success with a local database developer please pass their
information to me off the list.  This project has the potential to be used
by a number of other groups in Seattle since we intend to share this

Thank You,

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