[SASAG] Call for Proposals: The LISA 2009 Uninvited Talks BoF

Ian Dotson ian at perpetuum.org
Thu Sep 17 08:05:44 PDT 2009

You can refer to the BoF schedule for this and other BoFs at LISA:



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From: Cory Lueninghoener <lueningh at mcs.anl.gov>
Subject: Call for Proposals: The LISA 2009 Uninvited Talks BoF

Call for Proposals: The LISA 2009 Uninvited Talks BoF

The LISA technical sessions are a fantastic way to learn about the
latest advances in system administration technology and research, but
sometimes you just need some "stories from the trenches" to help out
with your day-to-day work.  To help bring people together to share
their stories, we're organizing an "Uninvited Talks" BoF that will
feature a series of 10-25 minute presentations (with time for
questions) chosen from submitted proposals.  These will be about real
work that we as system administrators have done and the experience we
have gained by doing it.  Even the mundane work that would never make
it into the technical sessions is welcome here as long as others can
learn from your experience.

This is where you come in: we have collected a group of volunteers to
read through presentation proposals and choose batch that should fill
the time and be interesting to a wide audience.  Now we just need
proposals.  Proposals can be up to 2 pages in length, and will be
judged on a combination of relevance, technical fortitude, and general
interest.  Any work that you have done that you think might be
interesting to the LISA audience is welcome.  Submissions or questions
can be directed to uninvitedtalks at googlegroups.com.  Please submit all
proposals before October 12.

Even if you don't submit a proposal, be sure to check the BoF schedule
for the time and location of the Unvited Talks BoF.  It should be a
lot of fun, and if gets enough attendance we can use that to suggest
this sort of event be added to future LISA conferences.

Note: This is just a BoF that a group of enthusiastic LISA attendees
are throwing together for fun.  Your presentation won't be published
in the proceedings and you can not expect to have it recognized in any
way by USENIX. But, if you submit a proposal and it is selected, you
will definitely gain the admiration of your peers.

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