[SASAG] Spam/AV Filtering

eric at kahklen.com eric at kahklen.com
Fri Sep 25 09:40:11 PDT 2009

We currently use a spam/av appliance at our gateway.  In addition, we also
check for attachment types and only allow certain types such as .doc, .pdf,
.xls....  At times, legitimate types such as zip files are blocked and
unfortunately there is no way to "whitelist" the sender with certain file
types so that they can get through to the end users mailbox.  In the past,
senders have renamed their attachment with a .txt file type.  Although this
is a convienent solution for the end user, it seems like an easy way to
circumvent the idea of attachment checking in the first place.  Do most
people still block attachment types? or do they rely on their AV scanning
software to quarantine/delete viruses and malware?


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